This post is probably going to be like many other blog posts today, or for following days. Forgive me for the repetitiveness, but I must find a way to hold myself accountable on multiple counts. Publicly announcing my participation in something as harried as NaNoWriMo will be one of these points of accountability to aid me in keeping up with the word count.

Yes, I am a participant in National Novel Writing Month. Yes, I will be making a few blog posts on here to hold myself accountable to the public eye of my progress or lack thereof. Friends and family are just not enough sometimes, but they are the best source of guilt for not meeting the standards if I dare say so myself.

For those interested in joining the madness, or if you desire more information here is a link:

You may even donate to the cause, and it is a great cause because anything that can inspire imagination and the published word is a great organization to aid.

Pray, send good vibes, whatever it is that you may do to help others in need of support. I work a retail job, as a manager, so Black Friday is going to be a major obstacle to completing 50,000 words in a month. I shall do the same to all those that are participating as well.

For those that are still reading or interested, here is a little information on my novel.

This month is going to be a jump-start to a great epic that I have had in my mind for around 20 years. There will be a series of at least 12 books starting with this one. Unfortunately, my books will seem to be part of a cliche, an already told story. Perhaps if I’d had the emotional and mental state to write it down 20 years ago they would be copying me. Vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters may seem overdone, but I hope not, for my sake at least. I hope to give a unique experience with my characters and their situations so that readers will not be bored or disappointed. I have lived with this story for years, and it amazes, inspires, and brings joy to me still. I just wish to finally share it with others.

Summer’s Wolf is rescued by Andiebe, the son of Cain, and is cared for by he and his family. Slowly, she assimilates to their lifestyle, finds a new pack to love, and learns the ways of the world. The true world as most mortals do not see. She is not the only one to learn, for she gives a new meaning to life to Andiebe and his siblings. The story unfolds with many trials, challenges, joys, and comedy as readers will see once this is published.

I may post snippets here and there as they are written. For now, the synopsis:

Good luck to my fellow WriMos out there! Bear with me to those that are not partaking in the challenge.